1 = relegated, neglected, deserted, abandoned, lorn, forsaken, disused.
Ex. The recommendations seemed to indicate that the British Library would have been swamped with relegated books from the low-use stock of university libraries.
Ex. The work of the Belgian internationalist and documentalist, Paul Otlet (1868-1944) forms an important and neglected part of the history of information.
Ex. The best sequence in the movie takes place at a deserted train station where the children play hide and seek amongst the abandoned train cars.
Ex. It tells the story of a young detective who stumbles across a stash of jewel thieves hiding out in an abandoned house.
Ex. I felt lorn and bereft, then suddenly it was gone, leaving me empty and shaken the way a storm shakes the land and the sea.
Ex. She was his only intimate friend for years before he died, for he was a most lonely forsaken man.
Ex. There is also a museum of mining which is partly housed in a disused mine shaft.
* abandonado y en ruinas = derelict.
* niño abandonado = waif.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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